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Five Healthy Habits That Help You Save Money

Bad habits can cost you money, but did you know that good habits can actually save you money? Here are five ways to be healthy and help your bottom line:

  1. Exercise

    YogaWith regular exercise, you will improve your health and may even lose weight. While you might not see immediate savings, the healthier you are, the less money you'll need to spend on medical bills.
  2. Pack your lunch

    Dining out in general adds up quickly and can drain your wallet. Not to mention, the food you typically get is not the best for you either. So instead, pack a lunch and throw in some fruit and veggies for snacks to avoid vending machines, too.
  3. Make coffee at home

    There's nothing wrong with grabbing a coffee from your local coffee shop every once in a while. But if you go weekly or more, it can be expensive. And it can be bad for your health if you're getting drinks regularly with cream, whipped cream, or flavored syrups. So if you need caffeine, brew your coffee at home and keep the additions to it minimal.
  4. Take advantage of wellness programs

    If your employer offers it, be sure to participate in the wellness program. There may be medical discounts involved, such as reduced insurance premiums, when you do participate in enough wellness activities. Plus, the bonus is that it should help you get or remain healthy.
  5. Split meals

    Dining out in general is expensive; on top of that, portions are usually excessively large. So when you're out with a friend or significant other, split a meal. If that doesn't quite cut it, split a meal and a small plate/appetizer. It will save you money and calories.

Author Elaina Johannessen is a Program Director with LSS Financial Counseling.