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Don't Wait Until the New Year; Start Conquering Your Debt Today!

"I feel so much better. I only wish I would’ve called sooner.”

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That statement is exclaimed time and time again after meeting with our financial counselors.  It also appears time and time again on customer satisfaction surveys and on our testimonials page. Read on to find out and pick up some tips to walk out of your first meeting feeling empowered and ready to get rid of your debt.

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You can do this 

Making that first call to set up a meeting with an LSS Financial Counselor can seem overwhelming - it is the first step towards making a commitment to taking control of your finances. Take a time out and call us. When you call 888.577.2227 you will find it’s actually easy! You will be greeted by a friendly, professional member of our scheduling team. He or she will help you to find a time to meet with a counselor, whether by phone or in person, that will work within your schedule. Our schedulers can also answer most of your questions about how to prepare for your appointment and what to bring. To make it even easier, we offer counseling services online. Enter in your information and a certified financial counselor will create a budget and personalized action plan for you within 2-3 business days.

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"Right away I was connected to Financial Counselor Linnea Stephan. I cannot stress enough how professional she was, especially regarding the topic as deeply personal as ones’ finances. Linnea gave me the option to meet in person or have a counseling session by phone. I personally felt like a phone session sounded perfect for me. The call was completely proactive in nature, and focused on the present and building a plan for the future which was just what I needed." --Stephan, Counseled Client

You’re in control 

If the end of most financial meetings includes a wish for having come in sooner, the beginning is filled with anxiety about having to be here at all.  Some of the most common feelings that clients express include fear of being judged, feeling ashamed, and pure embarrassment over the state of their finances. Underlying all of this is a feeling of being out of control and wanting to get it back. Don’t worry, this is all normal. Our counselors are empathetic, non-judgmental, professional, and solutions focused.  They will listen to your story, acknowledge your feelings and work with you to plot out a plan to get your finances back on track. What our counselors won’t do is take over: at LSS Financial Counseling you are in control.

“I found LSS through an employee assistance program at work. ONE VISIT and most of my cares and burdens were lifted or at least lightened. They didn’t do everything for me. But they helped me know what to do and helped me do it myself…” --Counseled Client

Tools and solutions for life 

A first appointment with one of our counselors will take about an hour and include an assessment of your financial situation.  Your counselor will ask you about your situation – when did you first think you were in trouble? What did you do? What worked well? He or she may ask to pull your credit report and will need your help to put together a list of your debts, living expenses, and income.  Getting this information together can be difficult if you have been ignoring your finances for a long time; however, many clients find it to also be an important eye-opening experience. It will help you and your counselor to understand where you are at, which will provide the starting point to get you where you want to be – point “A” on the map of your journey to freedom from debt.

Consolidate your payments

Can you picture yourself debt free? How does a person even get to be debt free these days? A Debt Management Plan (DMP) consolidates your monthly bills into one simple payment--often with a lower interest rate--so you can start paying off those debts and return to financial health faster. I encourage you to learn more about a DMP with LSS.

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Our counselor helped us develop a budget and plan of action specific to us. He also recommended that we start a Debt Management Plan with LSS. I am excited to say that this week we will make our 3rd payment directly to LSS. What a relief! We are no longer just making payment after payment. Now, we make one payment to LSS and we can see the progress every month. Without LSS, we would still be making payments and getting nowhere. We are no longer discouraged. We now have hope! --Mary, Current DMP Client with LSS

Change is never easy, but with the right tools and guidance you can live a debt free life! Call LSS Financial Counseling today at 888.577.2227 or visit our website so you don’t have to wish you had done it sooner!

Written by Shannon Doyle, Certified Financial Counselor with LSS Financial Counseling