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How LSS and going on a Debt Management Plan helped me

We love sharing stories from the people we serve. Everyone with LSS Financial Counseling is proud of the work we do because of how it helps people. Here's a story from "Derrick" who lives in northeastern Minnesota:

Couple"My wife and I were doing great. We had never missed a bill payment; had a nice house, two cars. We never went on trips or bought expensive items. But we were not tracking where the money was going. Credit card debt kept getting higher and higher and the credit card companies happily raised our limits without even asking — so polite! 

When it got over $46,000, we knew we were in trouble but didn't know what to do. Reading articles online and books simply didn't work. We had all the pieces of knowledge, but didn't know exactly how to put them together.

I came across an email from my credit union mentioning financial help from LSS.

The first meeting with Tasha literally changed our lives.

We had someone that wasn't asking us to do this or that - she was telling us what we should do to get back on track. I didn't think we were able to simply stop using our credit cards. In my mind we needed them. She knew what we had to do and helped us see how it would work. We immediately stopped putting anything else on the cards. My wife and I started using cash and tracking every single dollar spent. After our first meeting with LSS we had developed a budget and a system and found out we will be paying off that gigantic debt in only 34 months on a Debt Management Plan.

The strange thing is even with still currently paying off the debt, we seem to have more money! We budget going out with kids, save for all the holidays, put away money in savings and even give ourselves a weekly allowance to spend however we want. And now we don't get resentful on what the other is doing with money. Plus, in a few months we'll be able take that credit card payment and transfer it to our house loan, use it for retirement savings and spending more time on vacations with our kids...without ever going into debt again.

I cannot recommend LSS enough to anyone having trouble with money. Don't let debt ruin your life, marriage, or having fun with your kids. Do something right now; contact LSS now."

LSS can help

If you are feeling like Derrick and his wife, there is help and there is hope. You don't have to worry about money and keeping up on credit card payments all the time. The best thing to do is just to start. Give LSS a call at 888.577.2227 for your free and confidential financial counseling session or GET STARTED ONLINE at your convenience.