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Struggling With Student Loans?

Are you in repayment of your student loans? Are you behind or struggling to keep up? Help has arrived! You can have a free and confidential student loan repayment counseling session with one of our certified financial counselors.  This session will help you get a handle on your student loans. By meeting with LSS, you will:

student loans

  • Organize and identify your loans by type in order to strategically pay them down
  • Learn about your repayment plan options
  • Explore consolidation options
  • Discover if your career path could lead to loan forgiveness
  • Create a budget plan to strategically pay your student loans and other debts standing in your way
  • Identify options to stop payments if you haven’t found that dream job yet
Don’t let your student loans stand in the way of your dreams; take control of them now. Call LSS at 1.888.577.2227. We will create a plan of action with you to pay off student loans and all your debts!

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