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10 Signs You Should Get Credit Counseling

Credit counseling. It sounds boring and maybe even a little scary because finances are often stressful for the average person. You may have learned about balancing your checkbook, saving up for something, and maybe even how to take out a loan when you were young. However, not too many of us were taught all of the ins and outs of personal finance. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that it's almost impossible to know all of them without working in the credit counseling industry. And even then, you learn something new all the time.

Here are 10 signs that you should speak with a credit counselor:Credit counseling

  1. Carry balances on your credit cards
  2. No emergency savings account
  3. Can't afford all of your monthly expenses/bills
  4. Worried about your next mortgage payment
  5. Count on your tax refund to play catch-up on bills
  6. Struggling with student loan payments
  7. Have a low credit score
  8. Have debt in collections or have a judgment on your credit report
  9. Missed a payment on one of your credit cards or loans
  10. Not sure where your money goes every month

If you identify with at least 1 of the above, you should make a free and confidential appointment with a credit counselor.

There is no shame EVER in asking for a little help. Finances are often complicated and overwhelming.

How will credit counseling help me?

Here's what a counselor can do for you:

CounselingThe counselor will help you navigate and organize your personal finances, starting with creating a realistic and accurate spending plan. The counselor will cover everything from student or other loans, paying off debt, building up savings, and achieving your financial goals.

Being proactive is key in stabilizing your finances and reducing financial stress. So take action now. Give LSS a call for your free, confidential session at 888.577.2227 or go to our website to get started online at your convenience.

Author Elaina Johannessen is a Program Director with LSS Financial Counseling.