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Non-negotiable Items I Won't Give Up Despite the Cost

Do you have non-negotiable items or services you refuse to give up despite the cost?

I buy healthy and fresh food on a regular basis and I refuse to give that up. I buy organic whenever possible, too, but sometimes it's just a little too expensive. My eating habits aren't perfect because I'm a huge pizza and burger fan, but I have balance and eating (mostly) healthy is important to me. Because I feel better when I eat well. And when I do buy healthier food, I try to get the most bang for my buck by freezing leftovers or what I don't use. I also tend to buy as many personal care products without harsh chemicals.

While that stuff may cost a little more than the processed foods and generic personal care items, I save a ton of money on cleaning products. I use baking soda, white vinegar, and blue Dawn dish soap for everything. Not only are those items overall really cheap, but also not having to buy multiple sprays and wipes on a regular basis create huge savings in my budget. In my dryer I also have reusable dryer balls so I never have to purchase dryer sheets. (I've used the same wool dryer balls for 2 years while I will have to replace them eventually, for about $20 they're totally worth it.)

What are your non-negotiable items?

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When you look closely at where your money goes, you can tell what you make a priority. And we all have non-negotiable items that we either need or want to buy to make our lives better. Personally, I will always have some sort of TV service, whether it's cable, satellite, or streaming. I enjoy TV and definitely get my money's worth when it's freezing cold in Duluth, like this week for instance. So what do you need or want that you're not willing to give up?

How do you make room in your budget?

As I said, I barely buy any cleaning products because what I do buy/use last a long time and they're cheap. I also do workouts at home instead of paying money for a gym membership. Because I have things like this that save me money, I can keep my TV services, buy healthier food, and get my hair done professionally every quarter - that's definitely something that's worth the money to me! So if you really want or need something, the key is balance. Find other items/services in your budget that you don't really need or is not as high of a priority and cut out or reduce it.

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Author Elaina Johannessen is a Program Director with LSS Financial Counseling