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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween: Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas

I absolutely love Halloween. I love dressing up, theme parties with friends, taking my nephews trick or treating, and pretty much everything else in the spirit of fun that comes with the holiday. What I don’t love is the temptation to spend all my money on a Halloween costume.

We all know how expensive costumes can get and how easy it is to go overboard. This year, I encourage everyone to embrace the DIY with these simple, cheap, and easy last minute costume ideas. 

When life gives you lemons…

Life gives you lemons

Dress as life and hand out lemons. Be certain to note what they do with these lemons, because that’s what it’s really all about.

If you already have a spare white t-shirt and a sharpie, this costume only costs a bag of lemons. Anyone can make it and anyone can wear it. If you like meeting new people and handing them lemons, this costume is for you.  




Grapes, anyone?

Bunch of grapes

This costume idea is a little bit of work, but it has so much going right for it!  All you need to do is get some green or purple balloons and safety pin them to your outfit. For a twist on this idea, grab some pink and white balloons, a rubber duck, a shower cap and go as a bubble bath.

This costume can be purchased for roughly $10! You don't need to purchase clothing to go underneath, just wear whatever's comfortable for your climate. Also, it's great for any age!      




The Price Is Definitely Right

Price is right

Fun group or couples costumes on a budget do exist! Wear your best fundraiser/college t-shirt/hoodie and use yellow construction paper and a Sharpie to create a name tag. Get some tag board to make the score boards and using construction paper once again to decorate.

Couples with a little one could even add a Bob Barker or Drew Carey to the mix!




Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin pi
Tampa Bay Moms Blog

Who doesn’t love a good pun costume? Dressing up as pumpkin pi is as simple as cutting the Greek letter “pi” out of black felt and attaching it to a bright orange shirt. You can glue a pumpkin to a headband or wear some dollar store vines around your neck to enhance the effect.

What's not to love about a "punny" costume that's fun for all ages!      




What's my favorite part about all these costumes? The average cost to create them is about $15, and possibly even less depending on what you already have on hand. So you don’t have to break the bank this year; all it takes is a little planning and creativity. May your Halloween be fun, frightful, and frugal!

Author Tracie Fauth is a Marketing Specialist with LSS Financial Counseling.