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The number one question people ask me when I tell them that I work at LSS Financial Counseling is, "What do you really do?"  And that can be a tough question to answer. Honestly, whenever you talk about money or debt with people it can get messy. So, I respond by saying, officially, we provide debt and budget, housing and bankruptcy counseling. But what we really do is so much more!  Simply put, we empower people to take control of their debt.

"We give people the tools and guidance they need to take control of their financial situation. No judgement. No more fear. No more not knowing. We provide real answers and real help."   

And above all, help people build financial success. But don't take my word for it. Here's a quote from one of our clients:

"I contacted LSS after going through an out-of-state, big name credit counseling service. They were hard to communicate with, and the repayment process was burdensome and difficult to follow. LSS took me in, assessed my situation, and gave me an individual plan. They were more interested in my total well-being, than in just signing up for debt repayment. My counselor encouraged me to be sure I had basics and necessities taken care of first. And he did not want me to be overwhelmed. I felt the solutions were helpful, and the process to sign up was made easy. The payment options are very user-friendly. I would recommend this to anyone, and remember, you are not alone with help from LSS."—Becky from Minnesota

Establish a budget. 

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Consider your options--for free. Whether its medical debt, credit card issues, money management or budgeting, we are here to help. Our certified financial counselors will help you develop a budget and a plan of action for debt payments based on your individual situation. Or maybe you want to improve your credit score. We'll help you to understand your credit reports and put you on a path to a debt free future. Start online counseling now!

Consolidate your payments. 

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) consolidates your monthly bills into one simple payment--often with a lower interest rate--so you can start paying off those debts and return to financial health faster. With a DMP, you pay your creditors through one monthly payment to LSS Financial Counseling. One of DMP clients told us:

“I am on a Debt Management Plan with LSS and I have to tell you, I got teary eyed when I read my statement today. Three years from now I could be debt free!! That is my new focus! And my goal will be to NOT take out or charge any new debt on credit cards. I am so sick of the vicious cycle and I can’t even tell you the tears I have shed over my financial situation. LSS was my lifeline when there was no other place to turn. I would be so honored if this statement could help even just one person make the decision to work with LSS”—Marcia from Minnesota

Protect your home. 

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Our HUD-certified housing counselors can help you asses your options whether you're having trouble making mortgage payments, considering refinancing or a reverse mortgage, or even buying a home. Read what real clients are saying about housing counseling with LSS.

Rebuild after bankruptcy. 

We provide the Bankruptcy Pre-Filing Counseling and Pre-Discharge Education required for those who file for personal bankruptcy. We will help you explore the consequences of bankruptcy, evaluate its alternatives, and get started on a path to a better financial future. Learn more about Bankruptcy Counseling.

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Get Started. Take charge of your life again.

You'll feel confident and more successful when you learn how to manage your finances. It only takes 5 minutes to call and set up an appointment. We meet with people in person or over the phone. Call 888.577.2227. Or we would love to work with you online. Visit or start online counseling now. Remember, you can do this. You have what it takes to Conquer Your Debt!

Author Kate Swenson is a Project Coordinator at LSS Financial Counseling.