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2017 Top Blog Posts on Sense and Centsibility

Well it was a crazy year, but we made it through 2017. Now it's that time once again to see what our top blog posts were last year. Let's see what our followers were reading:

10. 5 Ways to Avoid Your Sheriff's Sale

9. My Sheriff's Sale Has Happened: What Are My Options at This Point?

8. Rebuilding After a Blunder: How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast

7. Got Savings? How to Go from $0 to $2000 in One Year

6. Divorce and Mortgages: Know Your Options

5. Am I Too Broke to File Bankruptcy?

4. Tips for Moving Out of Your Foreclosed Home

3. Can I Get a Second Mortgage Modification?

2. Bankruptcy 101: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

And the #1 post again this year is:

1. When to Say No: A Parent's Guide to Giving Adult Children Money Do any of these surprise you? We think it's great that these are getting the most views. Even if you're not in a bad financial situation, it's always good to read up and be prepared...just in case. With that said, here are a few blogs that we think more people should be reading:

The Secret to Starting a Budget

3 Simple Tips to Build Emergency Savings

How to Use the Power Pay Method to Pay Off Debt Faster

Using Crisis Budgeting During Tight Financial Times

As I mentioned, it's smart to be proactive even when you're doing well financially. Plus, you can never have too much money saved for an emergency or unexpected expense.

So even if you don't do New Year's resolutions, make 2018 your year to improve your financial situation.

And you can easily start just by getting knowledge from a blog post or two.

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