Shawna Faith Thompson

Shawna Faith Thompson

Program Director | Minneapolis, MN
Shawna Faith Thompson

Shawna Faith Thompson is a Program Director for LSS Financial Counseling. She oversees the service’s statewide financial counseling, scheduling and finance/reporting activity.

Since 2005, she has been leading and integrating financial coaching, education and asset building programming into organizations and their existing services, primarily in the urban nonprofit sector.

She is a well-known leader skilled at building partnerships across sectors that support the economic and social development of communities. She is passionate about the way personal finance and urban communities intersect and is always looking at ways for individuals and families to build financial stability and assets.

Shawna is a skilled presenter with a dynamic and engaging facilitation style. She holds a bachelor's degree in Economic Development from Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

LSS Financial Counseling
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