Jenna Perez

Jenna Perez

Senior Program Manager | St. Paul, MN
Jenna Perez

Jenna Perez is a Senior Program Manager who supervises the counselors in our Twin Cities offices and manages all of the state licenses for the Debt Management Plans (DMPs). It gives her so much joy to help her clients find financial freedom — whether it is overcoming credit card debt, managing their student loans or saving their homes from foreclosure.

Jenna started with LSS Financial Counseling in September 2013 as a DMP Support Specialist in Duluth, then moved to become a Housing, Student Loan and Debt Counselor. She relocated to the Twin Cities in 2016 and continued counseling until she started her role as a supervisor in 2018. She began managing the state licenses in March 2019.

Previously, Jenna worked in the nonprofit world in many different capacities. She finds fulfillment in helping others. She worked in Venezuela for three years overseeing a nonprofit and supervising employees. She speaks Spanish fluently.

In 2016 Jenna was awarded the LSS Spirit Award for her commitment to teamwork and for going the extra mile for her clients and co-workers.

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