Mission & History

Our Mission

We believe people can overcome their debt, gain control of their finances and achieve financial wellness.

The heart of the LSS Financial Counseling service model is taking a ‘whole person approach’ to empower each individual. Our services are customized, taking into account each person’s strengths and addressing the barriers they face to achieve stability, build assets, and achieve their financial goals.

Rochester ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting ceremony in Rochester

Our History

LSS Financial Counseling is a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, a trusted nonprofit organization. We began offering budget and debt counseling and debt management plans in 1987.

In the 1990s, LSS Financial Counseling began offering HUD-approved foreclosure prevention and housing counseling services.

Since then, we have added a home ownership preparation service, reverse mortgage counseling for older adults, student loan counseling and education, and several financial education and asset building services. We also offer Financial Choice — a financial wellness service for organizations/businesses and their employees or members that began in 2007.

In 2017, we opened a new office in Rochester to support individuals and families who are combating high levels of financial stress and homeownership burden as a result of the area’s high cost of living and limited affordable housing.

A few of our ‘GetLifted’ Community Financial Ambassadors gather for a training session.
‘GetLifted’ Community Financial Ambassadors gather for a training session in Saint Paul.

We also launched an innovative financial education initiative in 2017 called “GetLifted.” We are partnering with local organizations and individuals on the East Side of Saint Paul and the North Side of Minneapolis. These community financial ambassadors (CFAs) are trained in financial education. They then share financial tools and resources with others in their communities in new and creative ways.

Our team is committed to listening to the needs of the people we serve, adapting to meet their needs, and building community partnerships for years to come.