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For over 150 years, we’ve been working in the heart of Minnesota communities to find the most effective ways to help people overcome barriers and lead full lives. We’re continually seeking new ways to design services that improve people’s lives and maintain our strong tradition in Minnesota of being a great place to live. Today, our work touches the lives of one in 65 Minnesotans!

We are proud to be a leader in social innovation. Here, employees are empowered to put their best ideas to work to solve Minnesota’s most pressing social issues.

Here are Some of Our Newest Service Designs:

Center for Changing Lives, Duluth

In 2017, we opened the Center for Changing Lives Duluth, a vital step toward our goal to end youth homelessness in Duluth. The Center for Changing Lives brought all LSS youth services in Duluth under one roof to improve accessibility and synergies between services


Host Homes

LSS was the first organization to bring the Host Home model of support to Minnesota. In this unique program, host families open their homes to people with disabilities as they gain more independence and live more fully in the community

Host Homes

Neighbor to Neighbor Companions

This new service provides affordable support for our growing older adult population. Companions can offer rides to appointments, help paying bills, simple household tasks and meaningful friendship.

Neighbor to Neighbor