Services for Youth


Truancy Prevention

It is well established that improved attendance leads to improving academic achievement and an increase in school completion rates.

Early identification and intervention with at-risk youth is essential.

For most students, skipping school may be a one-time lark. More often than not, these antics are short-lived because neighbors, shopkeepers, family and friends are quick to report them to parents or school authorities.

For others, truancy may be the beginning of a lifetime of problems. Students who routinely skip school are at risk for dropping out of school and other delinquent behavior, including substance abuse and criminal activity. These activities lead to more serious problems in adult life.

Education not only gives people basic skills they will need for all aspects of life, but it exposes them to a range of possibilities for their future. School helps students explore different ideas and activities, and helps them figure out what paths they want to take next.

And, in a very practical and immediate way, school helps students attain a better quality of life.  But it all starts with being in school.

LSS Truancy Prevention Programs:
Lutheran Social Service of MN is committed to removing barriers to attendance to help students be more successful in school and in life.

Duluth: Truancy Action Project (TAP)
A TAP student/family advocate works with the student and his/her family to improve attendance, address behavioral or academic concerns and any other areas of concern.