Behavioral Health


Veterans' Financial and Housing Services


Please contact us if what you need is not listed on this page. We will connect you with resources in your area.

Case Management and Referrals

Our case management services can offer you anindividualized plan of action. We will assess your situation and refer you tothe services and resources you need, within and without LSS of MN andthroughout the state. Contact us or call 1-888-881-8261 for more information.

Financial Counseling

Financial counseling prevents financial hiccups from spiraling into fiscal nightmares. Find out how to make good use of health care resources, emergency grants, home loans, and other well-earned benefits for Veterans. 


Housing for Veterans

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota offers short and long-term shelter as well as counseling and employment services. If you are a Veteran and unable to find shelter, please contact us for more information.


Housing for People with Disabilities

Housing can be difficult to procure if you’ve come out of your military service with a disability. Our residential services comprise an array of housing choices. We can determine with you which option would best suit your needs. 


Call 1-888-881-8261 or contact us for more information.

Other Services and Resources

Reverse Mortgage Counseling
Employment Programs for Older Adults