Toro Credit Union

Financial Choice

for Toro Credit Union Members

Learn how this partnership is building financial wellness.



With Financial Choice, you have access to up to six sessions of financial counseling, provided free and confidentially by LSS Financial Counseling—in-person at any of our office locations, by phone, or online.



Get out of debt


Imagine the freedom of living debt-free. You can do it!

Last year, LSS debt management plans (DMP) clients paid off more than $20 million of debt. Learn how you can conquer your debt.

Improve my credit


Do you know and understand your credit score?

We can help you create a realistic budget and an action plan to save money and improve your credit. Get your credit report once per year free of charge.

Protect my home


Owning a home is a big financial investment.

Our HUD Certified Housing Counselors help with Foreclosure Prevention, decisions about refinancing or reverse mortgages.



We provide tangible steps and personal guidance to empower people to take control of their finances and meet their financial goals.



What success feels like:

"My cares and burdens were lifted... They didn't do everything for me, but they helped me know what to do and helped me to do it myself."

"I am so excited for my debt management plan I can hardly stand it. I feel hopeful instead of discouraged."

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Everyone can benefit from a free financial checkup!

When is the right time for help?

Do I need to be in trouble with finances to use this service?

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