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How LSS Helped Us Save Our Home

LSS and my counselor Tim helped me navigate through the scary process and ultimately protect my home.

My husband and I experienced a lot of financial problems in 2009 and as a result we fell behind on our mortgage. There was a period of 6 months when we had one major car problem after another. By the time the 6 months was over we had went through 3 vehicles and $2100 in repairs. We didn’t have any savings so all of the money for repairs had to come right out of our pockets. And unfortunately our credit was not good enough to get a car loan. As a result we fell behind on our mortgage.

Once we were three payments behind, the mortgage company refused to accept anymore payments. I contacted them numerous times and filled out paperwork at least three different times to try to get some assistance to bring us current. Every person I talked to gave me different answer. After we were reassured that the foreclosure process would be put on hold while our paperwork was being processed, we received papers that a Sherriff’s Sale date had been set.

We were overwhelmed with stress and didn’t know where to turn. At this point in the process we had been trying to get assistance for close to six months. I received a letter from LSS Financial CounselingService offering home counseling and I thought it was worth a try. I was actually familiar with LSS because we contacted them a few years ago when we were in a similar situation with our home and had a good outcome. My son was diagnosed with Autism and we fell behind on our mortgage due to medical bills. And thankfully, with the help of LSS, we were able to get a modification.

I was nervous to call LSS, but only because I felt like it was our last resort. No one else had been able to help us. My housing counselor Tim Fischer treated me with respect, walked me through the process and offered great advice. He advised me to file an affidavit to postpone the sale of our home. This was something we could do ourselves by simply going to the courthouse with the form. This gave us an extra 5 months to deal with our mortgage company.

I believe without this information we would have lost our home.

After searching the internet, I found a website where people were talking about their bad experiences with their mortgage companies and a man posted saying to contact him and he would help. I emailed him immediately. I had a phone call from someone within two days at our mortgage company who was able to connect us with the Executive Response Unit. The lady I spoke with set us up on a payment plan after a couple of phone calls. After almost a year, we finally found someone to help us.

Our new mortgage payment was almost double the amount that we were previously paying. I can’t even begin to say how scared we were, but we made sacrifices to make it work. I worked as much overtime as I possibly could. And thankfully we didn’t have any major expenses come up during the year. My husband was actually rear-ended and we had to total our car but we were finally able to get a car loan and buy something reliable. As of May 31, 2012 we are current!! I cannot express how thankful I am to LSS for helping us save our home. Without them, the outcome would have been much different.