What type of computer system do I need to view RentEd.?

You will need a high speed internet connection, Adobe Flash player and Adobe Reader. The videos are compatable with any internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
Please make sure your browser is set up to allow javascript and popups.

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How long will my subscription last?

A paid subscription will allow you to access the site for 90 days.
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What is the difference between the two subscription options?

Basic Training: This 90 day subscription option allows you unlimited 24/7 access to all training segments and resources.

Training and Certification:  This option provides the same access as the Basic Training plus access to quizzes to further enhance your knowledge and a certificate of course completion. 

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How do I get access to the recommended resources?    

Access to the resource page comes with a paid subscription.


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How long will it take to complete the quizzes? 

The completion of the quizzes can be done at your own pace. Each topic contains 10 questions following the viewing of each segment. The time of complete will vary person by person.


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How do I prove I completed the course?

Purchasing the Training and Certification subscription option will provide you verification of course completion. After each segment you can save and/or print test results. After all 8 segments, the entire RentEd. course, are successfully completed you can save and/or print a Certificate of Course Completion.


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How do I save my certificate?

  1. Once the certificate displays, click save.
  2. A box will display so you can save it to a familiar location on your computer. By default it is usually saved to the Documents or Downloads folder.
  3. Be sure to save the file type to the PDF format, for example certificate.pdf
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Why can't I view my certificate?

There are a few things that must be completed in order to view your certificate.

You must

View all 8 videos in their entirety,complete all 8 quizzes and pass each with at least 70% correct,
have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, and have your browser is set to allow pop-ups

If you meet all requirements and are still unable to view certificate, try opening on a different computer or internet connection. 

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Why does my video keep stopping?

In order to watch the videos properly you must have a high speed internet connectionas well as Adobe Flash player Version 9 or higher. The browser you are using must allow javascript. 

If video keeps starting and stopping, pause the video and let it load for a couple of minutes before playing again. If videos still do not work, try playing on a different computer or internet connection. 

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