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Get Involved

Picnic with VolunteersLSS Refugee Services offers a variety of opportunities for you to get involved! We are looking for people with a passion for working with refugees to help our new arrivals settle into their new life in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud.

Whether you are someone who wants some hands-on experience or are someone who would prefer to be behind the scenes, whether you are an individual or you are a part of larger community, we have a place for you!

Volunteer! Intern!

Search for volunteer opportunities to assist refugee families or email us directly.

Individuals, church and other groups can be involved in helping to resettle and mentor refugee families. We also offer interactive, in-depth, unpaid internships during J-term, semesters and summers.

Become a Mentor

Mentors help with survival skills, understanding U.S. norms and culture, and doing daily tasks. Walk alongside someone during the difficult first few months of transition to a new life. Develop a personal one-on-one relationship and learn more than you can imagine!

Become an Outfitter (Group Opportunity)

Refugee Outfitters are a group of people who will launch into action to gather, request, and shop for the items needed by a family who is set to arrive in Minnesota within the next two weeks. Outfitters have an amazing impact on the families they equip. Those unexpected costs (pots and pans, toilet paper, sponges) won’t be an extra stress on an already strapped budget. While they won't necessarily meet the family one-on-one, they will receive a photo thank you card from the family.

Become a Circle of Welcome team (Group Opportunity)

The LSS Circle of Welcome Program is for any community group – church, mosque, school, or other association – that wants to partner directly with a refugee family new to the United States.  The goal of the Circle of Welcome program is to help newly-arrived families gain self-sufficiency and to increase social integration. The program offers a meaningful way for community groups to engage with their new neighbors as friends and advocates. The Circle of Welcome mentor team works directly with the family on U.S. life skills and cultural exchange and provides emotional support for one year. Circle of Welcome groups also contribute a financial gift that goes directly to welcoming refugee families. For more information or to get involved, email us directly.Donations - Mittens

Become a Partner

By making a financial gift, you can make a challenging transition smoother for families who have lived through extremely difficult circumstances. 

Your generosity will send a strong message to each individual: “Welcome! Your community cares for you. You are safe.” Make a gift.

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