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By providing a clear, strong voice on behalf of those we serve, LSS seeks to preserve the dignity, independence and well-being of older adults and people with disabilities.


LSS Pooled Trust protects an individual's assets and provides financial security for the extras that bring joy to life.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardians and Conservators are appointed by the court to manage the affairs of people with disabilities or older adults, advocate in their best interest, and ensure their safety and well-being. If an individual has no family or friends available to assume this responsibility, Lutheran Social Service (LSS) may be appointed guardian and/or conservator to ensure the individual's needs are met. A guardian ensures that all aspects of daily living are being provided including food, shelter, clothing, health care and recreation. A conservator is appointed to manage and preserve the assets of a protected person who is unable to manage their own assets.

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Health Care Agent

A Health Care Agent makes medical decisions for you if you become unable to communicate them yourself. Your Health Care Agent will follow your Health Care Directive to ensure your wishes and values are honored. As your Health Care Agent, LSS can assist you with the completion of your health care directive.

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Pooled Trust

A Pooled Trust helps manage income and financial gifts that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities while maintaining public benefits. The creation of a pooled trust protects the financial security of people with disabilities by moving assets from countable in relation to Medicaid and Social Security eligibility, to non-countable assets. This ensures that disabled persons will not suffer a potential reduction of their public benefits. A disabled person, a parent, grandparent, guardian, conservator, or the court can establish participation in the LSS Pooled Trust. The Trust is often funded by proceeds from personal injury settlements, divorce settlements, retroactive disability payments, inheritances, and savings.

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Personal Representative of the Estate

As a Representative of the Estate, LSS ensures that an individual’s wishes regarding the assets of their estate are fulfilled. 

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Power of Attorney

LSS is a trusted resource to help manage and protect the financial interests of people with disabilities. Services can be one-time specific, such as handling the sale of property, or can be ongoing and include paying bills, balancing financial accounts, preparing forms and providing referrals for other services as needed.

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Supported Decision Making

With LSS’ Supported Decision Making services, your medical decisions and legal and financial affairs can be handled in one place. You can relax knowing that, with one agency handling your affairs, your most important decisions are being made according to your direction and with the most up-to-date information regarding your situation.

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