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LSS Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust

A Pooled Supplemental Needs Trust is designed to manage the financial gifts from family and friends. Funds can be used to purchases items or experiences that contribute to the individuals well-being and bring joy to life. 

For information about establishing a pooled trust, please contact an LSS Pooled Trust specialist:


A Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust is established by someone other than the beneficiary, the beneficiary’s spouse or anyone who is required to pay an amount to or for the beneficiary under the terms of a settlement. Funds can be added, and are available to the individual, throughout the lifetime of the beneficiary.

The LSS Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust offers a low-cost way for friends and family to provide a individual with disabilities (aka, beneficiary), access funds for expenses not covered by public benefits – that is, the extras that bring joy to life.

Pooled trust eligible expenses  

Accessing the funds in your pooled trust

We recommend a comprehensive review of the current and anticipated needs of the individual (i.e. burial plan, furniture, equipment, education, travel) prior to funding a pooled trust account. Our goal is to ensure the pooled trust is a good fit for you and help you to avoid the costs of funding the subaccount, if the money can readily be spent for current needs. 

Opening a Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust

The LSS Pooled Trust accepts only liquid assets and all sub-accounts must be irrevocable and established for the “sole benefit” of the disabled beneficiary.

For persons with disabilities who retain their decision-making powers, LSS is often able to complete the opening of a sub-account in 3-5 business days.

Sub-accounts can be opened in anticipation of future income with a joinder fee of $1,000 and an initial deposit of $1,000—a total of only $2,000.The minimum anticipated investment is $10,000.

To open a supplemental needs pooled trust sub-account, the following forms need to be completed and signed. We encourage you to engage an attorney to review the documents and to complete the check-off on the Joinder Agreement.


LSS Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust Master Trust Agreement - PDF

LSS Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust Joinder Agreement - DOC

IRS W9 Form - PDF

Grantor Wishes Document for Use of Funds - DOC

North Dakota

LSS Third-Party (Supplemental Needs) Pooled Trust Master Trust Agreement - PDF

LSS Third-Party (Supplemental Needs) Pooled Trust Joinder Agreement - DOC

Grantor Wishes Document for Use of Funds - PDF

Opening a sub-account for a protected person may be dependent on the action of the court to appoint LSS as the Trustee for the protected person’s sub-account.