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LSS Pooled Trust Fees

As a nonprofit, mission-driven organization, we are committed to keeping costs low, while also maintaining the level of quality and service necessary to help you effectively protect and manage your financial assets.

Pooling funds together can command better interest rates, minimize fees for managing the trust and offer other financial benefits compared to individual savings plans and investment options.

To speak with a specialist that can answer any questions you might have about your specific circumstance, please contact an LSS Pooled Trust specialist.

Fees that may be incurred

Attorney Fees (one-time expense paid directly to your attorney)
LSS encourages the grantor to engage an attorney to acquaint them with the LSS Pooled Trust documents and to complete the check-off on the Joinder Agreement. Attorney fees vary based on attorney rates and time spent reviewing the documents and answering your questions (typically 2-10 hours).

Asset Management Fees (actual fees charged by the investment firm)
Asset Management Fee, charged by the investment firm, is a sliding fee determined by combined total investments in the LSS Pooled Trust.

By pooling funds, we are able to attain rates lower than most individuals could attain by creating individual trusts. LSS passes on the actual asset management fee amount charged by the investment firm and subaccount allocations are pro-rated monthly based on the balance in the account.

While we cannot anticipate future market volatility or make any guarantees, interest income often exceeds asset management fees. Please contact us to inquire about current rates and fees.

LSS Administrative Fees
Administrative fees are charged for actual time spent reviewing and filing your specific pooled trust account statements. There may also be charges for any mileage incurred for work performed by LSS employees to manage your specific subaccount.