Services for People with Disabilities



LSS Pooled Trust

An LSS Pooled Trust helps individuals with disabilities manage their financial assets and/or gifts to improve quality of life while maintaining public benefits. 



LSS Pooled Trusts allow people with disabilities and/or their families to set aside money for additional needed expenses while protecting their public or private benefits such as Medicaid and Social Security.

The creation of a Pooled Trust moves assets from being countable in relation to public benefits eligibility to being non-countable assets.



Special Needs Pooled Trust  
Designed to benefit an individual with funds from settlements, retroactive disability payments, an inheritance or savings.

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Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust  
Designed to manage financial gifts from family and friends throughout the lifetime of the beneficiary.

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Funds for today. Security for tomorrow.

Join the LSS Pooled Trust with investment levels significantly lower than those required by banks and other trust companies. 

  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Low risk
  • Trusts established quickly, typically within 3-5 business days


Opening a Special Needs Pooled Trust 

Opening a Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust

Pooling funds together can command better interest rates, minimize fees for managing the trust and other financial benefits compared to many other individual savings plans and investment options.

Financial benefits and fees

LSS Pooled Trust specialists approve and track eligible expenditures and help manage the trust account effectively so individuals and family members are not required to be a trustee or gain expertise in trust management. In addition, LSS prepares the annual accounting and submits documentation to the courts and/or DHS as required by state statue.

How LSS manages pooled trust funds