Licensed Personal Supports

Personal Support

Licensed Personal Supports is also known as the "traditional waivered service". PICS is the full-service employer (employer of record).

Participants choose the employees they want to hire and maintain control of how employees provide services by scheduling hours and providing training and management. Participants can view and print the necessary employee forms to start the hiring process when they have found an individual the would like to hire as an employee.

As the employer of record, PICS provides:

  • Background checks
  • Administration of Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance
  • Training materials for employees
  • Administrative support with completing employment paperwork, processing payroll, and reporting earnings to the state of Minnesota and the IRS
  • Reimbursements for all approved expenses
  • Timely reporting
  • Compliance with 245d Basic Licensing Requirements



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Fees for Licensed Personal Supports are dependent on the county of residence for the individual relieving services. Contact PICS for information on fees for your county.