Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

CDCS Clients

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is an option under the Home and Community Based Waiver program that allows people to direct their own services.

The individual and their representative create a plan of how their dollars are going to be spent to help them live more independent lives at home and in the community. PICS, as the Fiscal Support Entity, assists by paying for the services outlined in the plan, and billing the State for those costs. 

PICS helps Individuals:

  • Process payroll
  • Process and pay expenses and reimbursements
  • Handle accounting, reporting, tax and revenue information
  • Facilitate hiring and staffing, including payroll, benefits, insurance, and training


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Fiscal Support Entity Fees

Yearly Budget Allocation PICS Monthly Administrative Fee
Less than $3000 $17.50            
$3001-$6000 $35
$6001-$12,000 $50
$12,001-$24,000 $65
More than $24,000 $80


CDCS Business Models and Monthly Fees

Individuals and managing parties are able to choose one of two business models based on your needs and preferences.

Agency with Choice Payroll Model

PICS is employer of record, meaning we process all payroll, provide HR services to employees, provide HR advice to managing parties, pay Worker’s Compensation, and other related employer taxes.

Individuals and their managing parties interview and decide who they want to hire and we take care of the rest. 

Employees working more than 30 hours per week will be offered  health insurance under this model, which must be included in the CDCS Budget. 


Fees: Up to 22.2% for Staffing Costs

Also known as Fiscal/Employer Agent (FEA), the individual registers as a Household Employer through the IRS with the help of PICS, so that the individual functions as the employer of record.  The individual will be assigned an FEIN along with a Minnesota State ID.

PICS still processes payroll and guides families through the HR process, but families must secure Worker’s Compensation if needed.  

Under this model, the employer is exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and is not required to offer health insurance. Employees will be able to seek coverage through MNSure since their employer does not offer insurance. 


Fees: Up to 22% for Staffing Costs


All individuals who are provided services through PICS can submit timesheets and expenses via fax, mail, email, or the PICS online portal.  All individuals also have access to spending summaries, which are mailed out periodically or are available in real time via our online portal.