Employee Benefits

Who is Eligible?

Employee benefits are offered for employees under the Agency with Choice and Personal Supports business models. Medical insurance is available to employees who work 30 or more hours per week.


More Information

If you are unsure of which business model you are using, please contact your Service Coordinator at 651-967-5060 or  info@picsmn.org. For more information regarding employee benefits, please contact PICS Human Resources at 651-967-5060 or hr@picsmn.org. You can also view these documents in the Employee Resource Guide.

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off (PTO) is offered for employees under the CDCS and CSG services. It is not available for Personal Supports employees.

PTO eligibility and details

PTO Request Form - PDF

Paystub Request Form

*The number of available hours of PTO is listed on the employee pay stub.



Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBSOpen Enrollment*

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Report an Incident to PICS

Workers' Compensation Guidelines - PDF

OSHA Guidelines - PDF

*For Agency with Choice or Personal Supports employees, Workers Compensation (WC) is paid by PICS.

*For Payroll Model employees, WC is paid by the FEIN Holder on their own, through assigned risk, or through PICS.



Principal Financial Group

Summary Plan - PDF

403b Application - PDF

403b Change Form - PDF


Health Savings Account

Health Savings Account


Informational Brochure - PDF

HSA Application - PDF