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Helping individuals and families remain in control.

Partners in Community Supports (PICS) takes the worry and stress out of the legal and financial aspects of payroll and self-directed care. PICS provides administrative expertise so you can focus on the more pleasant aspects of life.

We help clients:

  • Process payroll
  • Process and pay expenses and reimbursements
  • Handle all required accounting, reporting, tax and revenue information
  • Facilitate staffing, including payroll, benefits, insurance, training and more


Established in 1999, PICS is a non-profit organization and licensed Fiscal Support Entity (FSE) with a unique place in the world of social services. Working with organizations and advocates across Minnesota, we create responsive and innovative services for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, people affected by brain injury, and their families. Addressing unmet needs, anticipating changes, and enhancing the service delivery system are all at the heart of our work.


ASD Member

PICS is a proud member of Applied Self-Directions.

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