Services for Older Adults


Schools and Youth Groups

Whether seniors are volunteering to help mentor children or youth are volunteering to serve seniors in their community, the intergenerational interaction offers both generations opportunities to develop genuine friendships and appreciation.

Children learn from seniors and gain appreciation for elderly people. Seniors gain opportunities to be needed, depended upon and appreciated in new ways.

If your school or youth group is looking for an opportunity to support intergenerational programming in your community, please consider the following opportunities.

Youth volunteers bring joy to seniors

Intergenerational volunteer opportunities are available at senior nutrition sites throughout Minnesota. Young people can help serve meals, deliver meals, provide entertainment for special events, or assist with fundraising events.  Student volunteer activities may be educational or recreational in nature. 

To explore how your school, classroom or youth group can make a difference in the lives of seniors, please contact your local senior dining coordinator.

Senior volunteers mentor and tutor students

The Foster Grandparent Program began in 1965, giving retirement-aged volunteers the opportunity to share their wisdom and experience with children who need additional support from a caring adult.

To date, approximately 425 foster Grandparents serve each year in over 150 schools, Head Starts, day care centers and other community based organizations in Minnesota. Volunteers, aged 55 and older, serve at least 15 hours per week and are supervised by staff at each site, working one-to-one with children at risk academically or socially. 

Foster Grandparents are a consistent presence in the children’s lives; providing mentoring and tutoring in classrooms, helping with school assignments, reading to or listening to a child read, reinforcing self-help life skills, helping children to stay focused and on task, talking with and showing interest/concern, and modeling appropriate behaviors.

New educational sites are regularly added to our service network.  In order to explore how Foster Grandparents can be engaged in your school or organization, contact  your local Foster Grandparent coordinator.