Services for Older Adults


Health Care Providers

The public conversation on how best to support older adults in community is calling for greater alignment between the systems of community-based social supports and health care structures. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) is actively involved in the conversation by forming partnerships with health plans.

LSS services for older adults are designed to promote healthy outcomes for seniors. Our services not only help prevent premature placement in a more costly care settings, they also support the individuals desire to live independently in community for as long as possible.

To accomplish this goal, we are a resource for health care professionals and partner with health plans to provide prevention and wellness services.

Nutritious food and socialization for healthy living

Seniors experiencing food insecurity are more likely to suffer from deteriorating mental and physical health, extended hospital stays, and poor overall health status.

LSS Senior Nutrition is committed to enhancing the health status of seniors by providing healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals. Menus for all our dining options are prepared by a registered dietitian to ensure the nutritional needs and special dietary requirements of seniors are being met. According to recent surveys, 87% of senior dining participants indicate the LSS Senior Nutrition program has contributed to their health and in their ability to remain living in their own homes.

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Senior Companions reduce isolation and promote health

Hospital discharge planners and community health care providers are encouraged to contact the Senior Companion Program to explore how companionship services can address the loneliness, isolation and depression that so many homebound frail elders experience. 

Senior companions provide the non-medical support that complements and enhances health supports provided by health care providers.  Senior Companions can also provide transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping and other community events. 

The Senior Companion Program provide extremely cost effective companionship services under the Elderly Waiver Programs. 

In 2010, LSS Senior Companions launched a partnership with UCare to provide services to their senior members.  The program is experiencing great success and has demonstrated positive outcomes for the seniors receiving services.

This program invests a very modest amount of money to promote healthy outcomes and prevent premature placement in a more costly care setting.The same companionship model that the state and counties invest in can save many dollars for health plans that provide care to elders under Medicare Advantage Programs. 

We invite other health plans in Minnesota to engage in conversation with us that can lead to this model being available to their enrollees.  For more information about how this model can work with health plans, please contact

Caregiver support and respite services

LSS Caregiver Support and Respite Program is committed to enhancing the health status of family caregivers. Caregiver support and respite services help caregivers maintain or improve both their mental and physical health and to assist caregivers in caring for their loved one at home for as long as possible.  

To best meet the varied needs of family caregivers we provide in-home respite care, group respite care, counseling, support groups, caregiver coaching and caregiver training and education.

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