Services for Older Adults


Employment Programs

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) partners with various employment programs to provide job training, employment supervision and experience to persons who are entering or re-entering the workforce.

Training, Employment and Supervision

LSS is pleased to work with partnering employment organizations such as Experience Works, Concentrated Employment Program, Americorps and other training and employment programs to provide an opportunity for jobs training and labor positions with our services at locations throughout Minnesota. 

LSS Senior Nutrition program

LSS Senior Nutrition provides supervision and training in food service, site management and coordination of activities for older adults in partnership with organizations that provide the salary for the qualifying individuals.  Opportunities are available at nutrition sites throughout Minnesota.  

For information on partnering with LSS Senior Nutrition to provide employment and training opportunities, please contact

LSS Guardianship Options

LSS Guardianship Options partners with various employment programs to help provide experience to persons who are entering or re-entering the workforce.                                                  

We provide a variety of job experiences at many of our offices throughout the state of Minnesota. We have benefitted greatly from the partnerships and have hopefully provided work experience that provides employment program participants an opportunity to do meaningful work.

You may contact regional offices directly for more information (staff listing by office location) or contact us with additional questions by e-mailing

Senior Corps Opportunities

Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Volunteers, age 55 and better, serve 15-20 hours a week and receive a tax-free stipend of $2.65 per hour, as well as reimbursement for transportation costs. 

Seniors who are receiving assistance under a government program (such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public assistance, public housing, food stamps, etc.) are free to become a Senior Corps volunteer without losing those benefits in accordance with the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1993 as amended (PL 93-113).  The Senior Corps stipend and reimbursement is not counted as income in arriving at the amount of public benefits a volunteer is entitled to receive.

Employment programs are invited to refer eligible candidates for consideration. 

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