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Caregiver Support Groups

 Groups are a safe place for caregivers to discuss their experiences; groups also provide caregivers with information, resources, training and education. 

Caregiver support groups offer both education and sharing time. Groups assist caregivers in building a supportive network.

Caregiver Support Groups meet monthly for one hour. All caregivers are welcome and are invited to attend as they are available.

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Participants are invited to contribute to funding support groups on a sliding fee basis. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is committed to serving all caregivers regardless of ability to pay.

Here what other caregivers say about their support group experience:

  "The caregiver support group provides an outlet for issues you can't share with others." 

"I look so forward to the meetings. Even now when John is in a nursing home, I still attend."

"I always come away refreshed from our monthly meeting."   "I do not get severely depressed as much."

"I understand that my negative thoughts are normal and my anger is at the illness, not the patient."

"If I don't take care of myself, I won't be able to take care of my family and my 91-year-old mother."

"The programs are so informing that I always feel upbeat afterwards."   "It gives me a break and the friendships I have acquired are priceless.”