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Respite Care Morning Out Groups

The Morning Out groups respite program provides socialization for the care receiver and respite for the caregiver.  For information about caregiver respite services in your area and the enrollment process, please contact your area coordinator.

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Group respite provides a much needed break for caregivers and an enjoyable outing for seniors aged 60 or better.

“They really enjoy it. Myrna wants to keep coming back every week, so her caregiver drops her off. She likes the socialization and being around someone else closer to her age (91), though some participants are a bit younger.”

~ respite worker Valerie Brown of Crookston


Socialization for seniors

Group respite provides a dynamic social setting that a senior requiring special care rarely encounters.  They have the opportunity to socialize with other seniors and trained volunteers facilitate activities and reminiscing. 

Activities may include:

  • Coffee and conversation
  • Crafts, table games and cards
  • Guided reminiscing and discussion
  • Gentle physical exercise
  • Movies and old radio shows
  • Musical entertainment
  • Various other activities



A break for caregivers

Caring for an elderly loved-one, whether it be a parent, spouse or sibling can sometimes be challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. Morning Out provides safety, security and socialization for seniors while their caregiver takes a break.

Group respite provides caregivers:

  • Peace of Mind knowing your loved is in a safe, enjoyable environment.
  • An opportunity to shop, take care of personal needs or run errands.
  • Time to rest from the full time job of caring for a loved one.

Even just a few hours alone can make big difference.


To ensure a pleasant experience for all group respite participants, we ask that Morning Out participants be: 

  • Capable of walking with minimal assistance
  • Continent or have managed incontinence
  • Able to feed themselves
  • Non-violent toward self or others
  • Responsive and able to participate in group settings
  • Independent in taking medication
  • 60+ years of age (caregivers can be any age)

 In-home respite care may be more appropriate for individuals that do not meet all of the above attributes.

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Volunteers are needed

Friendly, caring Morning Out volunteers participate in activities such as playing cards and craft-making.

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