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    • Roxanne Jenkins

      Associate Vice President of Services for Older Adults
      Our stand for Minnesota's older adults is that they have choice in their services and opportunities to contribute to community.
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      Daniel Blakley

      Director of Guardianship Options
      By providing a clear, strong voice on behalf of those we serve, LSS guardians and conservators seek to preserve the integrity, independence and well-being of adults in the least restrictive and most respectful manner possible.
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      Tara Giese

      Program Director of Caregiver Support and Respite Services
       Caregiver Support and Respite Services helps caregivers provide quality care for their loved ones, while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
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      Nicole Lee Bauer

      Senior Director of Senior Corps and Caregiver Support & Resite
       Every day in communities across Minnesota, Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents share their time and talents, to positively impact the lives of older adults and children while also improving their own quality of life.
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      Kristin Schurrer

      Senior Director of Senior Nutrition Program
      Since 1973, LSS Senior Nutrition has provided seniors with good nutrition to stay healthy, live longer and remain living in their homes. Statewide, LSS Senior Nutrition provides noon meals in 225 dining centers and serves 1.3 million meals each year.
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      Maureen Warren

      VP and Chief Family Services Officer
      LSS Counseling and Family Resources staff are licensed mental health professionals who, amongst other services, offer in-office and in-home counseling to older adults and their families. Their approach uses evidence-based clinical practices to maintain hope and dignity throughout the lifespan.
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      Kim Watson

      Director of Pooled Trust
      LSS Pooled Trust accounts help individuals with disabilities manage their financial assets and gifts in order to improve quality of life while maintaining public benefits.
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