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Supervisory Referrals

When an employee’s performance begins to decline, employees are often aware there is a problem and may even approach you as a supervisor or manager.

Employees may indicate that they are having problems with a co-worker or because of personal things outside of work. Even when employees do not approach you, they may make reference to personal problems when confronted about a work performance issue.

Informal Supervisory Referrals

Encourage your employees to access NuVantage to get free and confidential help regarding their personal or work-related concerns. 

NuVantage provides wallet cards and brochures for you to distribute to employees to support this type of referral.  Encouraging employees to contact NuVantage Employee Resource gets you out of the counseling role and allows you to remain focused on managing performance.

Formal Supervisory Referrals

At times, managers or supervisors may notice a significant decline in someone’s work performance or may be concerned when an employee violates a company policy.  

When an employee’s productivity decreases significantly or their negative behaviors at work impact trust amongst a work team, you may want to require that they utilize their EAP benefit.  A mandatory referral to NuVantage might help a troubled employee address a work or personal problem that is causing him or her to be distracted and less productive at work. 

You may want to ask the employee to sign a release of information as part of a performance improvement plan.  The release of information will allow NuVantage  to report on the employee’s attendance and compliance with recommendations. This process can be a valuable tool especially when someone has been a valued employee. A mandatory referral allows you to remain focused on productivity, while supporting an employee to get the help they need  from a professional counselor.

What you can expect from NuVantage

A NuVantage Employee Resource consultant and/or case manager will:

  • Address any questions or concerns you have about the formal supervisory referral process.
  • Facilitate the completion of supervisory referral forms.
  • Update the referring supervisor or Human Resource Manager regarding EAP session attendance.
  • Provide a summary report (verbally or via e-mail) regarding the extent to which the employee has complied with the process, including follow through with subsequent referrals

What type of information is shared?

Only information that is relevant to the specific supervisory referral and the employee’s job performance will be shared with the employer.

Although an employee is asked to sign a release of information, the EAP provider will still maintain the level of confidentiality that is mandated by law.

Referral Resources

Click here to download the NuVantage Supervisory Resource Guide to get tips about promoting workplace wellness, when to make formal and informal referrals to the employee assistance program, and other EAP services that support managers. 

You can also use the links below to download Word documents of the formal referral forms: