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  • NuVantage Employee Assistance Program

    NuVantage Employee Resource offers a high-touch, high-quality employee assistance program. We believe employers and members should feel supported throughout their whole experience with NuVantage.
    • NuVantage benefits:

      Benefits of an EAP

      Personal problems have an impact on employee and manager performance in the workplace. An effective EAP helps resolve personal issues so members can focus on positive aspects of their lives and their work.
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      The NuVantage Approach

      NuVantage offers EAP services with compassion, competence and convenience. We believe getting good help at the right time should be easy.
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      Brokers and Consultants

      NuVantage can collaborate with employee benefit brokers and consultants to design EAP programs that meet the specific objectives and budgetary requirements of any client.  We can work quickly to create a cost-saving program that can easily be embedded into any employee benefit package.
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    • NuVantage supports employers with

      Service Options

      EAP services are designed to meet the needs of employees, managers and families to support organizational productivity.
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      EAP Program Utilization Reports

      Resports are designed to keep employers informed of EAP usage and effectiveness.
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  • NuVantage offers services with compassion, competence and convenience.  We believe getting help for any of life’s challenges should be easy!

    For more information about the NuVantage advantage, call 888.988.0098