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The NuVantage Approach

NuVantage offers EAP services with compassion, competence and convenience. We believe getting good help at the right time should be easy.


NuVantage benefit specialists deliver compassionate service to help connect members with the most appropriate resource available to them.

We believe EAP mental health services should be through respectful, face-to-face counseling, and not just over the telephone. Although telephone access is important during a crisis situation, members should be able to share personal and private concerns with a licensed mental health professional in his or her community.


NuVantage carefully chooses appropriate mental health counselors and service providers to be part of the NuVantage provider team. NuVantage providers are knowledgeable about a broad range of life issues, as well as how personal challenges might impact someone’s ability to perform well at work. Employers can have confidence that their employees will be treated with respect and dignity and that their concerns will be kept totally confidential.


We remove barriers to getting help. At NuVantage, we connect members to appropriate counselors and resources quickly and conveniently.

  • Legal, financial and counseling services are available by phone or in person and all initial services are free to members.
  • All NuVantage services can be accessed via one toll free number.
  • Members can also peruse thousands of self-help and self-service areas on our NuVantage Wellness Portal.

We believe getting help for any of life’s challenges should be easy.

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