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      NuVantage offers a variety of online resources for managers and supervisors.
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      Critical Incident Response

      NuVantage Employee Resource can help your organization manage critical incidents. A critical incident is an event that occurs in a work setting that has the potential of causing emotional trauma to those involved. Critical incidents can include industrial accidents, natural disasters, natural death (on or off site), and workplace violence. 
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      EAP Program Promotion

      A variety of promotional tools are available to encourage employees to seek the emotional, legal and financial help they need.
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      EAP Promotional Materials

      EAP promotion is vital for effective utilization.  NuVantage provides a variety of materials which can be distributed to inform and remind employees of the valuable EAP services available to them, including membership cards, small posters, newsletters, refrigerator magnets and more.
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      Manager Consultations

      Managers face daily concerns and challenges of employee job performance, attitude, employee conflicts, and other issues that influence the effectiveness of the organization.  Often, a manager can benefit by discussing their workplace concerns with someone that is objective and has a background in interpersonal dynamics. 
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      Supervisory Referrals

      Managers and Supervisors can refer employees to NuVantage when employee performance begins to decline or there are other signs of trouble. A referral to NuVantage can help managers stay focused on managing performance, while giving employees the opportunity to get help.
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