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EAP Program Utilization Reports

Organizations track utilization of EAP services not only to know how many members are utilizing the program, but also to stay informed about what general areas of concern are being experienced by their employees. For example, organizations might learn that members are experiencing difficulties with debt or substance abuse.

Information about the types of issues being faced by their employees allows employers to develop strategies and interventions at the organizational level.  

Comprehensive Reports

NuVantage Employee Resource provides comprehensive utilization reports that are tailored to your organization.

Utilization reports will not include any identifiable information about individuals that have received services. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your employees. Reports include detailed aggregate information, but no personally identifiable or confidential information will be included. 

Detailed Reports

For organizations large enough such that employee confidentiality will not be compromised, more detailed demographic information, as well as assessed problem and closing recommendations, may be included:

  • Types of Calls (Legal, Financial, Counseling) 
  • Presenting Issues (emotional well-being, chemical dependency, marital, stress) 
  • Gender 
  • Age (by general category) 
  • Summary of closing recommendations (on-going behavioral health services, chemical dependency treatment, no further recommendations – issue resolved, etc.)

Click here to view a sample Utilization Report.