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EAP Promotional Materials

NuVantage Employee Resource provides a variety of materials to help managers and employers promote their Employee Assistance Program so employees are informed and reminded of the valuable services available to them.

To order promotional materials, call 1.888.988.0098.

Quarterly NuVantage Newsletters

Employers can receive printed newsletters to distribute to employees or they may be received electronically. The newsletter focuses on topics relevant to managers and employees. Click the button below to access past quarterly newsletters.

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New Hire Welcome Packets

New hire welcome packets are available to be distributed to employees at new hire orientation meetings or at company sponsored benefit events. The packets include a welcome letter explaining all available benefits and several panel cards which can be used as Membership cards.  

Refrigerator magnets

Small refrigerator magnets are available as requested. They are also distributed at company sponsored benefits events.


8 1/2 x 11 inch posters are available to post in work areas, break rooms and other areas visible to employees. NuVantage produces these posters on a quarterly basis.  Press the button below to access past promotional posters.

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Member Panel Cards

Panel cards are available to be distributed to all new employees or at company sponsored benefits events. The card includes general information about the EAP benefits and a tear-off card which can fit in a wallet or purse.