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Benefits of an EAP

Did you know that right now, it is probable that at least 20% of your employees are struggling with problems that affect their work performance?

  • 50% of all industrial accidents are linked to drug and alcohol abuse
  • 52 million American households have financial concerns related to making ends meet
  • 17 million people a year are affected by depression 
  • 750 deaths each year are attributed to workplace violence

An effective EAP helps resolve personal issues so members can focus on positive aspects of their lives and their work.

The NuVantage Advantage

Employee Performance
When you hire employees, they come with skills and experience… and personal issues. Employees distracted by personal or work-related problems can mean decreased productivity, higher absenteeism, and increased potential for workplace accidents.

Manager Performance
Human Resource professionals, managers, and supervisors often find that employee problems can take an overwhelming amount of their time. Frequently, these problems are related to employees' personal issues and are avoidable. When a manager can refer employees with personal or work-related problems to NuVantage, managers have more time to focus on work-related projects.

Organization Performance
When employees have a confidential, convenient, professional resource, they will use it, get the help they need, and be more productive and satisfied. When managers know they have a place they can refer employees, they will be able to focus on managing performance and productivity. When employees and managers are focused on work, organizations benefit. Everyone wins.

How to get more information

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