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    Power of Attorney Services

    A trusted resource to help manage and protect your financial interests.

    A Power of Attorney is established through a notarized signature on a legal document that designates the responsibilities of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) as the attorney-in-fact.

    For information about LSS Power of Attorney services, please submit a request for information or contact an LSS specialist at an office near you.

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    Your finances, your choices

    Individuals are sometimes overwhelmed by all the paperwork and decisions required to manage their own finances.  Seniors are also at a higher risk of being taken advantage of by telemarketers, mail offers and even family members, especially if they experience memory loss, cognitive delays or other conditions.

    The Power of Attorney (POA) can be specific to a certain task or broad enough to cover many financial duties. 

    Services can be one-time specific, such as handling the sale of property, or can be ongoing and include paying bills, balancing financial accounts, preparing forms and providing referrals for other services as needed. 

    Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, as the attorney-in-fact, becomes responsible for managing the specified financial affairs, while allowing the individual to continue decision-making responsibilities in all areas not covered by the Power of Attorney.

    Choosing a Trusted Power of Attorney

    Sometimes a competent relative or close friend is able to assist the individual with financial matters. 

    It’s crucial to choose a competent and trustworthy individual or organization to act in the individual’s best interests, in accordance with the explicit instructions outlined in the Power of Attorney. The attorney-in-fact will have the freedom to handle specified assets and financial affairs, so it is important to choose an individual or organization with financial knowledge and experience that will act in the best interest of the individual.

    If family members are not available or qualified or if there are concerns about potential family conflicts, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is available to provide Power of Attorney services to help individuals manage their income, assets and/or financial affairs.