Host Homes

Enhancing Quality of Life

one person,
           one family, 
                   one community at a time.

Host homes provide a nurturing and supportive family-style living option for people with disabilities.

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Experience the comfort of living in a family home with the supports needed to lead a full and independent life in community.

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A nurturing and supportive host home family-setting offers:

Personal Choice
Host home living is based on personal choice. Support plans are designed to enhance quality of life, based on each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

Customized Living Options
You, your family members, the host home provider and LSS will work collaboratively to design and implement a customized plan for day-to-day living.

Personal Attention
Host home providers offer personal attention in a nurturing home setting to support your unique needs.

Community Engagement
By living with a family, you will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of family and community life.

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Rosa and the Nordby's“I love being part of their family. We go to the lake cabin on weekends and family weddings. I missed out on a stable family life for so many years, the Nordby’s are a dream come true. I’m becoming more independent and self-confident."

Rosa lives in a Host Home with the Nordby's - she dreams of living in her own apartment some day >


Host homes are a proven model with a fifteen year history.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) is a pioneer in bringing this exciting host home model of supports to Minnesota.

For information about host homes, please contact a host home coordinator in your area.

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