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    Energy Assistance Program

    Serving residents of Crow Wing County

    Energy Assistance, funded by the State of Minnesota, provides an important resource to help income-eligible households manage their utility bills.

    Tri-County Community Action is our partner in providing weatherization assistance. For more information on weatherization, please refer to the Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program website.

  • Energy Assistance can help manage household utilities by:

    • Authorizing a primary grant for the heating season
    • Helping you manage an unexpected utility crisis
    • Setting up a reasonable payment plan and helping you negotiate with your utility vendor
    • Providing financial assistance for furnace repair or replacement
    • Providing referrals to weatherization services
    • Providing referrals to other community-based organizations


    Homeowners and renters are eligible, and all fuel types qualify, even self-cut wood. Applications are accepted October 2017 through May 31, 2018. Eligibility is determined via a written application. Households that have been on the program automatically receive a new application in the fall.

    2017-2018 Income Guidelines

    Energy Assistance guidelines are based on 50% SMI or 110% of federal poverty guidelines, whichever is greater.

    Household Size Energy Assistance Program
    3 Month Income Guidelines
    1 $6,250
    2 $8,173
    3 $10,096
    4 $12,019
    5 $13,942
    6 $15,865

    Proof of GROSS income for the past three months is required for all household members except wages for children K-12.

    Income is verified for a 3 month period prior to application as follows.

    Applications Signed in the Month of: Gross Income Verified for Months of:
    August 2017 May, June July 2017
    September 2017 June, July, August 2017
    October 2017 July, August, September 2017
    November 2017 August, September, October 2017
    December 2017 September, October, November 2017
    January 2018 October, November, December 2017
    February 2018 November, December 2017, January 2018
    March 2018 December 2017, January, February 2018
    April 2018 January, February, March 2018
    May 2018 February, March, April 2018
    June 2018 March, April, May 2018
    July 2018 April, May, June 2018



    Energy Assistance has ended for the 2017/2018 season. Applications for the 2018/2019 season will be available online and in our office, mid-September. If you were on the program last year and haven't moved, you will receive an application by mail in September. If you have moved, or are new to the program, please contact our office if you would like an Energy Assistance application mailed to you in September.

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