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Training and Education Center (TEC)

Empower Your Life!

The TEC offers Employment Empowerment and the Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy classes. All classes are FREE and open to the public. 


Employment Empowerment Class

Empower Your Job Search – Empower Your Life!

Take our 3 week Employment Empowerment course in the TEC and get the confidence, tools and focus needed to get the job you want. EEC in the TEC includes the following courses and workshops.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator - To better understand your natural skills and discover your career.
  • Networking – 60-80% of jobs are found through networking. Learn ways to use this powerful tool.
  • Applications – It's not just about dotting the “I” and crossing the “T”.
  • Resumes – A powerful tool to get the interview you want.
  • Cover Letters – An under used tool that can help you stand out and get the interview you want.
  • Job Search – Finding the opportunities and the jobs you want. Did you know they are everywhere?
  • Interview Preparation – Learn how to get past the nerves and best show employers what you have to offer.
  • Mock Interview Practice – Individual interview with a professional offering honest feedback and encouragement.
  • Thank You Letters – It's important to say thank you!
  • Job Satisfaction – How to excel at your new job and work towards raises and promotions.

Workshops included in program:

  • Dealing with Overwhelm – Learn how to effectively resolve overwhelm and keep focused on what's important.
  • Defining Personal Success – Define what success means to you and your future.
  • Defining Personal Values – Discover your values and what they mean to you as an individual.
  • Defining Personal Goals – Learn how to create and maintain progress on your goals, big and small.
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Building – Let go of self-doubt and build confidence in your life.

Upcoming 2017 class dates:

  • January: 01/09 - 01/27
  • February: 02/06 - 02/24
  • March: 03/06 - 03/24 
  • April: 04/03 - 04/21
  • May: 05/01 - 05/19
  • June: 06/05 - 06/23
  • July: 07/10 - 07/28
  • August: 08/07 - 08/25
  • September: 09/11 - 09/29
  • October: 10/09 - 10/27
  • November: 11/06 - 11/24
  • December: 12/04 - 12/22 

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The Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy Classes

Empower Your Job Search – Empower Your Life!

FREE three day Financial Course every month!

9:00 am – 12:00 pm (attendance required for all 3 days)

  • Budgeting to Create Savings – Create a workable budget that allows you to save and minimize “disasters” regardless of income level.
  • Debt Reduction and Asset Building – Improve your debt-to-income ratio and keep risks low and returns high.
  • Building a Good Credit Rating – Know how to read and fix errors on your credit report, improve your credit score and your ability to qualify for housing, a good vehicle and other purchases.
  • Consumer Protection – Learn ways to protect yourself and your money. Learn about predatory financial scams and how to prevent identity theft.

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Open Lab

You are welcome to use the resources in our computer lab to search for a job. We have computers, printer, scanner, fax machine, pens, paper and a phone for your job search related use. You can also contact us to schedule one-on-one resume assistance.

  • Monday - Thursday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
  • Friday: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Last week of the month: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (4:00 pm on Friday)


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