Services for People with Disabilities


Employment First

Supportive Employment Services

We match your interests and strengths with work that meets your personal goals and unique desires to live a full life in community. LSS Employment First allows personal growth through meaningful employment for all who choose it.

Meaningful Exploration

We match your preferred work environment with the right employer. We meet you at home or in a place you feel most comfortable for relaxed conversation about your interests, skills, and talents.

Building a Person-Centered Employment Plan

Following the individualized discovery process, we will work with you and your support team to create a plan for you to obtain and maintain successful employment. An employment plan could include:

Customized Job Shadowing

You can experience a variety of career options through hands-on exploration, and we can facilitate customized training on specific skills to promote your own desires for social and professional growth.

Training and Coaching

Trained and experienced employment specialists will facilitate engaged education on writing cover letters, building resumés, practicing mock interviews, and other job related skills. Employment specialists will provide on-the-job support on a case-by-case basis.

Supportive Employment Services 2Volunteer Opportunities

Networking is important. Volunteer employment is an ideal way to build resumés, job skills and community relationships leading to permanent employment.


“People with disabilities want to engage through meaningful employment in the community. We want to help them discover the possibilities to realize their dreams.” –Association of People Supporting Employment First

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