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Improve your Financial Future Today

Take the MyMoneyCheckup®, launched by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling®.

What is the MyMoneyCheckup®:

MyMoneyCheckup is a free, web-based financial assessment tool that allows you to enter in your financial information online and answer a few simple questions about your finances. You’ll then be provided with concrete steps to improve your financial tomorrow.

The MyMoneyCheckup® tool was developed in partnership with the following researchers through the support of the Social Security Administration's Financial Literacy Research Consortium. Ohio State University Outreach and Engagement, J. Michael Collins from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago.”

Take the steps to Sharpen Your Financial Focus today:

Step 1.  Take the MyMoneyCheckup.
Start improving your financial situation today! The online MyMoneyCheckup will take around 25 minutes to complete.
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Step 2.   Take what you've learned and develop a plan.
Contact LSS to set up an appointment. A counselor will take a look at your overall financial situation and give you a realistic plan and the tools you need to help you shape healthy financial habits for the future. A free counseling appointment can be done over the phone, in-person or online.

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