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Buying a home is a big deal. We are here to help you do it right.

Your home can be a great financial asset. Through our Homebuying service, a HUD certified counselor works with you to get your finances in order and walk you through the homebuying process. You can be sure you’re doing things right - and setting yourself up for a long-term success - with our trusted support and resources for anyone considering homeownership.

It’s not just about buying a home – it’s about staying in it and making it work for you. Research shows that informed homebuyers are successful homeowners.

Our counselors will provide comprehensive guidance by:

  • Helping you assess your current financial situation,
  • Addressing any barriers, such as credit improvement, managing debt or student loans, if applicable,
  • Determining if you are ready to buy and helping you calculate what you can afford,
  • Providing information on current mortgage loan programs,
  • Connecting you to down payment and closing cost assistance,
  • Connecting you with resources throughout the process, and
  • Offering customized support based on your goals and particular needs.

Meeting with an LSS counselor is free and confidential. 

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Schedule a phone or in-person appointment at one of our Minnesota locations. This service is currently available in Minnesota only.

Funding for the Homebuyer program is provided through the generous support of Minnesota Housing, Minnesota Homeownership Center, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, and Family Housing Fund.

Looking for a reliable online resource? Check out the Minnesota Homeownership Center’s online course, FRAMEWORK.