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The Reach Drop-In Center

Mankato, MN

The Reach is a gathering place for homeless youth or youth who are “couch-hopping.”

The drop-in center provides:

  • a place to go when they have nowhere to go
  • a place where young people can talk to supportive social workers and counselors who can help them address their problems
  • a place for activities, meals and programming
  • a shower room when they need a place to bathe
  • a media room with books, computers and educational materials

The following items are currently needed:


  • Fruit 
  •  Bottled beverages 
  •  Canned soups 
  •  Cheese (ie. American and string) 
  •  Yogurt 
  •  Fruit snacks 
  •  Macaroni and cheese 
  •  Spaghettios 
  •  Frozen pizzas 
  •  Frozen juices 
  •  Microwavable and frozen dinners 

Kitchen Supplies

  • Plastic silverware 
  •  Napkins paper plates 
  •  Paper towels 
  •  Dish soap 
  •  Cleaning supplies 
  •  Drinking cups (ie. Dixie cups with a dispenser) and coffee cups 
  •  Dish towels and rags 
  •  Foil/cling wrap/storage containers 
  •  Zip lock bags 
  •  Garbage bags 


  • Feminine products 
  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Disinfecting spray 
  • Band aids and first aid kits 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies 
  • Plunger and toilet bowl brush 
  • Waste basket;   

(Any household items that someone wants to part with PLEASE contact REACH staff first to see if a youth is in need of that item before donating.) 

  •  Lockers 
  •  Rugs 
  •  Coffee table, 
  •  End tables 
  •  Plants 

Cleaning supplies

  •  Swiffer mop 
  •  Broom/dust pan 
  •  Sponges 
  •  Disinfectant spray 
  •  Dish soap 
  •  Hand soap 
  •  Glass cleaner 
  •  Bleach 

Educational and entertainment activities

  •  Books (novels, biography, sci-fi, self-help, inspirational etc) 
  •  Educational aids (SAT/ACT prep, FAFSA guidelines, GED prep, copies of practice tests, art supplies 

Gift Certificates

  •  Clothing vouchers or gift cards $10-$25 gift cards to Cub, Hy-Vee, Walgreens CVS, Wal-mart, Target 

Donation Drop-off
Please coordinate with the Reach Drop-in Center.

If you have items to donate, please send your intentions to or coordinate dropping off your donations with:

The REACH Drop-In Center
Lutheran Social Service
125 E Liberty St
Mankato MN 56001