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GetLifted: LSS Financial Counseling to Launch Financial Wellness Initiative Driven by Community Financial Ambassadors

GetLifted is coming soon to the North Side of Minneapolis and East Side of Saint Paul boosted by $425,000 Wells Fargo grant

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – LSS Financial Counseling is launching a new initiative, known as GetLifted, intended to create lasting financial wellness while reducing debt among residents in the North Side of Minneapolis and East Side of Saint Paul. The goal of GetLifted is to empower residents in each neighborhood with financial capability to effectively manage personal finances, including reducing debt, by learning from local community financial ambassadors about available tools and resources. LSS Financial Counseling will partner with local organizations and individuals to provide training in financial education. Following their training, attendees will pass on their new financial knowledge and skills to others in their communities.     

The $425,000 grant for LSS is funded by Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT program launched for the Twin Cities to boost local homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods. A majority of this funding will directly resource the individuals and community organizations undergoing this work.

The East Side of Saint Paul and the North Side of Minneapolis boast populations wealthy in experience and diversity. They are proud, active, and hardworking communities with a vibrant network of people and organizations committed to revitalization. They also bear the scars of historic disinvestment where many residents struggle to make ends meet. “There are so many creative people who want to help within these neighborhoods. This initiative will provide the resources and opportunity to make a difference,” said Cate Rysavy, Sr. Director of Financial Services with LSS.

Organizations that operate in or serve a population in the North Side of Minneapolis or the East Side of Saint Paul, and individuals with strong ties to these two communities are encouraged to apply June 19, 2017 through July 21, 2017 to be a part of this innovative project. Following this one month application period, 14 organizations and 18 individuals will be selected to participate. Each organization will nominate 3 individuals, making a grand total of 60 individuals training to become community financial ambassadors.

All participants will not be chosen based on expertise, but rather by diversity and enthusiasm. Each individual is encouraged to try new ways to bring financial capability to 35-50 of their peers, neighbors, co-workers and friends. Organizations and each individual will receive stipends to compensate for their work on this initiative and financial support to host events.  

GetLifted takes traditional financial education a step further. Community members are not only provided with knowledge, but also financially empowered and supported to be truly innovative as they share their financial knowledge. GetLifted is about taking risks and working together to find solutions to financial distress. This initiative will provide the resources and opportunity to make a difference. Although LSS Financial Counseling is organizing this initiative, it will truly be driven by the passion and ideas of community members.

GetLifted launches June 19 and the website has applications both for individuals to nominate themselves as well as for local organizations to nominate and support individuals representing diverse communities in these two neighborhoods. The project will run June 2017-2018. 

This unprecedented initiative, with a goal of reaching 2,500+ community members, is made possible through generous funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation on behalf of Wells Fargo.


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