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What Happens at Camp Noah


Where is Camp Noah?

Camp Noah events happen in your community.  Camps are held in kid-friendly spaces identified by trusted local partners.  

Camp Schedule and Structure

The Camp Noah curriculum consists of ten 3-hour sessions. Each session builds on the previous ones. Sessions include a variety of activities, including small groups, large group time (including music, skits and puppet shows), crafts, and recreation. Camp Noah is often held as a five-day summer day camp, but can also happen after school, over a series of weeks, or during school breaks. Regardless of WHEN a camp happens and its particular schedule, every child receives the same 30 hours of Camp Noah resiliency building programming.


Each session of Camp Noah includes a variety of fun, creative activities, including:

  • Large Group Gatherings
  • Recreation
  • Small Group time
  • Puppet shows
  • Skits
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Stories and Storytelling (books)
  • Music
  • All-Camp projects and celebrations
  • Meals and snacks

What Campers Learn at Camp Noah

 Each session of Camp Noah is focused around a particular theme, and activities are designed to build and reinforce specific resiliency skills.

For example, the curriculum for Day 1 is designed to equip campers with several key resiliency skills: develop a sense of self-worth, understand oneself as unique and special, understand we are each an important part of a diverse community, and laughter, play and creativity.

Who can come to Camp Noah

Camp Noah is open to all elementary-age children in the community being served who would benefit from learning resiliency and disaster preparedness skills.  

What children receive

Every child receives 30 hours of therapeutic play-focused creative activities with a ratio of 3-4 children for every Certified Camp Staff member. Meals and snacks are provided. In addition, all campers receive a Camp Noah t-shirt, a fully-equipped Camp Noah Preparedness Backpack, all the supplies necessary to complete the creative activities during camp, a handmade fleece blanket, a paintable ark, and multiple craft items.


A team of Certified Camp Staff members facilitate all Camp Noah curriculum activities. This group of trained, background checked staff may be recruited locally, regionally, or nationally. Each Camp has a local Site Coordinator. Additional local volunteers serve meals and snacks, provide transportation, and support the camp in a variety of ways.

Cost to Campers

Typically, there is no cost for children to register and participate in Camp Noah. Camps are made possible through the generosity of local, regional and national donors and supporters.


Camp Noah Theme Song